I come from a working-class family, where both my grandfathers worked in the coal mines in Pennsylvania. My dad had six siblings and my mom had 17 siblings. I have a lot of cousins!

Both my parents moved to Cleveland to look for work. Dad was an electrician and master tradesman. He could build or fix anything. My mom worked in a factory until me and my three siblings came along, Then we were her priority and I learned what unconditional love felt like. I believe that I got my social and emotional skills from my mom and my analytical and problem-solving skills from my dad.

I was born in Cleveland and raised in Richmond Heights. We moved when I was in second grade. I spent my weekends in grade school and high school roller skating at Golden Gate, bowling at the Coliseum and going down the Giant Slide. So, when I moved to Mayfield Heights I had many fond memories.

I also spent nights and weekends at a horse barn on Highland Road where my dad knew the owner. He let my dad stable a horse and pony there. My dad’s dream was to have a horse, he grew up around them and that is the gift he gave to me. My involvement with horses taught me how to build trust.

I Love Animals

I’m a big animal lover. I managed the animal program at Camp Cheerful in Strongsville. We had chickens, rabbits, goats, a pot belly pig, and a rooster. I also was privileged to meet and learn a few lessons from Holly the Zebra who lived in Novelty. She was raised with horses, but was still a wild animal. I’ve shared my home with a dog and cats.


Education was important in my family. My parents sacrificed to send me to college. My dad said education was something no one could take away from you. His best piece of advice was to be open to learning from others because I could learn a short cut or new way of working in 10 minutes when it may have taken them 10 years to figure it out. I’ve worked with many types of experts in my career and oh has that advice paid off.




I started volunteering at 16 and have continued to give my time to help others. The majority of my volunteer life has focused on empowering women and girls and supporting issues to make life better for everyone. I care about justice, fairness, and the world we are leaving for those behind us.

For the last five years, I’ve served In Mayfield Heights as a member of the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) that reports to Fire Chiefs and supports the Police Departments in Highland Heights, Richmond Heights, Mayfield Heights, and Mayfield Village during disasters and assists with first aide patrols at community events.

Last year I joined the Mayfield Township Historical Society because I enjoy family history. I recently served as a docent to third graders who came to the Bennett-Van Curen Historical House on a field trip from Mayfield Heights schools to learn about the area’s history.


I am a curious person, I love to learn, and I love challenges! I spent 40+ years working with corporate and non-profit organizations with 20+ as a small business owner focusing on improving organizational and learning outcomes. My focus is to always leave something better than I found it.

I work well with others. I’m a sailor which requires co-operation and teamwork, especially if you want to win a race!

Respect and trust are very important to me. I know they are critical to building solid relationships and accomplishing great things.