Why I Am Running

At the heart of every campaign is a person with a passion to serve and that is the truth about why I am running for Mayfield Heights City Council in November 2023.

I’ve led a purpose-driven life from a very young age. I’m happiest when I’m involved in my community. Sometimes the community was a professional association, my place of work, or the larger community like the city, county, and state. Community is important to me. I’ve been wanting to make an impact where I live.

My plan when I bought my house 20 years ago was to age in place. So, I have a vested interest in wanting to make Mayfield Heights a city where both young and old can be active members of the community.

People matter more than “things”.

What you can expect from me

You can expect that I will:

  • Listen to you and identify action steps that need to be taken and by whom.
  • Research an issue and explore possibilities.
  • Work effectively and collaboratively with others to implement a shared goal.
  • Challenge assumptions and ask questions to make better decisions.
I will listen to you & take action!
I believe that we are better when we work together!